Cub Scouts

Cub Scout Pack 263 has been serving the community for decades. Cub Scouts is a program managed by the Boy Scouts of America and run by parent volunteers. Personal growth and development outside of school in the areas of community, family and faith is the objective. The key to Scouting is "Fun with a Purpose!" That purpose is to make our boys better citizens, self-reliant and confident while learning many life skills.
The Cub Scouts groups boys into “Dens” of boys of the same age (same grade in school) with first graders known as “Tigers,” second graders known as “Wolves,” third graders known as “Bears,” and finally fourth and fifth graders collectively known as “Webelos.” 

Regular den meetings for each of the levels are held at St Zachary on several weeknights per month. St Zachary also serves as a venue for some special activities, such as “Pinewood Derby”, where the boys race wooden cars they make themselves (with the help of parent or guardian, of course) and “Blue & Gold Banquet”, where we celebrate the achievements of the boys and the anniversary of Scouting. Outside of den meetings and special events at St Zachary, the boys will go on regular outings throughout the year to various places in the area – including one of the most popular and well known for scouting, camping, where the boys are able to fish, learn archery, swim and much more.
For general information about the Cub Scouts, check out  For questions regarding Pack 263 at St. Zachary, contact  Julie Donovan at the Parish Office, 847-956-7020 or