Respect Life

We are the conduits linking the parish with the Archdiocese in matters related to Respect Life issues. We work with other parish ministries to promote the culture of life in our parish and assist/participate in various Archdiocesan Respect Life Programs.

We coordinate our work with the Respect Life Office’s various projects at the Vicariate and Archdiocesan levels. Typical ongoing activities include: developing Respect Life news/inserts for use in our parish bulletins; sponsoring local Respect Life activities such as Respect Life Prayer Vigils, annual Baby Showers and Baby Bottle projects; promoting grassroots Respect-Life-related legislative action - phone trees; and interacting with other Respect Life Teams in Vicariate 1, along with other special Respect Life events/activities.

Our monthly meetings are held in the Parish Office Library at 7:30 PM every second Tuesday of each month, except the month of December. 

Contact Laurence Wong at the Parish Office 847-956-7020 for more information.