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St. Zachary Parish was officially formed on January 18, 1962 when the founding pastor Rev. William Cunningham took the oath of office and the name St. Zachary was chosen. The parish property consisted at first of two barns and a farmhouse. One of the barns served as the first church. In September of 1962, ground was broken for St. Zachary Catholic School. On September 4, 1963, the school opened to serve Grades 1 through 5. The present church was originally built as a gym/auditorium, and the first Mass was held on November 7, 1965. The convent, which is now our Parish Ministry Center, was built in 1967.

The early years were very active, as the whole area was being built up. There were cornfields everywhere and much work to be done. With a young community who had come mostly from Chicago, the church was both their spiritual and social life. The parish remains active as a worshipping, praying, serving, sharing, healing and loving community.

Today the parish welcomes a diversity of cultures. We are handicapped accessible. We offer an interpreted mass for the hearing impaired, and masses in Polish for the strong Polish community in the area. Our choirs offer both traditional and contemporary music. We welcome all to worship with us and to take part in our many ministries. Whether you are looking for a parish, or just visiting the O’Hare Airport area, you are welcome and invited to St. Zachary Parish.

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact the Parish Ministry Center at 847- 956-7020.​

Saint Zachary Parish