Bereavement Ministry

After the funeral home contacts St. Zachary to arrange a funeral, a Bereavement Minister contacts the family and meets with them to plan the funeral Mass. The Bereavement Minister prepares a booklet, which is distributed to all who attend the funeral Mass and is present at the funeral Mass. Training for this ministry is provided by the Archdiocese of Chicago. Further training is provided in our parish.

Children’s Liturgy of The Word

This ministry welcomes children from Grades K + up to Room 101, in the school, to reflect on the readings (Liturgy of the Word) during the  Sunday 10:45 AM Mass. The readings and gospel are read in a way that the children can easily understand. Using music, demonstrations, stories and other methods, the gospel meaning is interpreted and discussed before the children return to the general assembly before the consecration.

Cub Scouts

Cub Scout Pack 263 has been serving the community for decades. Cub Scouts is a program managed by the Boy Scouts of America and run by parent volunteers. Personal growth and development outside of school in the areas of community, family and faith is the objective. The key to Scouting is “Fun with a Purpose!” That purpose is to make our boys better citizens, self-reliant and confident while learning many life skills.

The Cub Scouts groups boys into “Dens” of boys of the same age (same grade in school) with first graders known as “Tigers,” second graders known as “Wolves,” third graders known as “Bears,” and finally fourth and fifth graders collectively known as “Webelos.” 

Regular den meetings for each of the levels are held at St Zachary on several weeknights per month. St Zachary also serves as a venue for some special activities, such as “Pinewood Derby”, where the boys race wooden cars they make themselves (with the help of parent or guardian, of course) and “Blue & Gold Banquet”, where we celebrate the achievements of the boys and the anniversary of Scouting. Outside of den meetings and special events at St Zachary, the boys will go on regular outings throughout the year to various places in the area – including one of the most popular and well known for scouting, camping, where the boys are able to fish, learn archery, swim and much more.

For general information about the Cub Scouts, check out  For questions regarding Pack 263 at St. Zachary, contact  Julie Donovan at the Parish Office, 847-956-7020 or 


A cantor is a person who leads the congregation in sung prayer. A cantor must have skill in singing, leading worship and feeling comfortable reading and singing in front of others. Cantors sing at various Masses every weekend.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Tony Jurich at or call 847-956-7020 X332

Eucharistic Adoration/Rosary Devotion

Everyone is welcome to join in devotion to the Blessed Mother praying the rosary in her honor. This takes place every Tuesday at 7:00 PM in the church.

On the first Tuesday of each month, Benediction is celebrated along with praying the rosary.

If you have any questions, contact Jo Tozzi at 847-824-4014.

Eucharistic Minister

Extraordinary Minister Of Holy Communion (Eucharistic Minister)

Specific training and instruction are a prerequisite to becoming an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion during the celebration of the liturgy. Training is provided through the Archdiocese of Chicago with follow-up training here at St. Zachary Parish.

Contact Melissa Keefe at 847-956-7020 or email for further information.

Family Choir

This choir, for ages 13 and up, sings at the 9:00 AM Mass each Sunday. The Family Choir is a contemporary choir with drums, guitars, and any other instruments. Students can earn “service hours” for joining this ministry. Practice is 8:15 AM on Sunday in the Music Room prior to Mass.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Lukasz Swiatowiec at or call 847-956-7020 X332

Fil-Am Club

The Fil-Am Club has evolved through the years into becoming an active ministry at St.  Zachary Parish.

This Club’s membership is not limited to people of Filipino descent. The main prerequisite is to embody the spirit of “bayanihan”, a Filipino term meaning “a sense of community”, coupled with love of serving the Church.

For more information or to join the Fil-Am Club, contact Ben and Linda Agana at the Parish Office, 847-956-7020.

International Rosary And Benediction

During Lent, we pray the International Rosary Devotion to our Blessed Mother along with Benediction on every Tuesday, at 7:00 PM in the church. Each week a different Ethnic Group, within our parish community, prays the rosary in their native language. The Ethic Group provides refreshments after praying the rosary and Benediction. Note: There is no International Rosary during Holy Week.

For more information, contact Jo Tozzi at 847-824-4014.

Italian American Catholic Club

This Club is a non-profit organization, which helps with parish projects and provides financial support to St. Zachary School.

Italian Mass is celebrated the second Sunday of each month, at 5:00 PM in the Church. Dates are subject to change during Christmas and Easter.

If you have questions or would like to join the Italian American Catholic Club, contact Jo Tozzi at 847-824-4014.

Knights of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus is a fraternal organization of Catholic men serving our parish and community. Social and intellectual fellowship is promoted among members and their families through charitable, religious, social welfare and public relief works.

For more information, contact Grand Knight Jerry Manning at 847-714-2719.


A Lector is a minister who proclaims the Scripture Readings at Mass. 

Specific training for this ministry is a prerequisite to become a Lector. Training is provided through the Archdiocese of Chicago with follow-up training here at St. Zachary Parish.

Contact Melissa Keefe at 847-956-7020 or email, for further information.

Liturgy Committee

The work of the committee is primarily preparing and making decisions or recommendations for the common prayer of the assembly.

The role and responsibilities of the Liturgical Committee is to:

  • plan the liturgy for Sundays, Holy Days, holidays and other occasions and discuss liturgical practices;
  • recommend steps to make liturgical improvements; 
  • be responsible for liturgical education of its members and of all liturgical ministers;
  • provide direction for planning the liturgical seasons, sacramental celebrations and other liturgical events; and
  • preserve good traditions of the church.

Ministry Of Care

If you or your loved one is sick or unable to come to Church, St. Zachary Parish has Ministers of Care who can visit and bring Communion. It is important for our parish to stay in touch with our sick and/or elderly and tend to their spiritual needs.

Whatever the length of time one is sick and/or homebound and unable to attend Mass, Ministers of Care are available to visit. For some, it is a brief time; for others who are permanently homebound the visits occur regularly over a number of years. In either case, there is one Minister of Care assigned who develops a personal relationship with the person being visited. 

To arrange for a visit for yourself or for your loved one, call Dolores at the Parish Office, 847-956-7020. 

Please note the following:  Because of privacy laws in Illinois, hospitals and nursing facilities do not inform us that you were admitted. Make sure you tell them that you are a member of St. Zachary. 

Who can become a Minister of Care?
Do you feel that God is calling you to this important Ministry? Any parishioner who attends Mass regularly; is willing to spend time with the sick and suffering and take Eucharist to them; can attend the initial training; can commit to on-going enrichment training and attend meetings can become a Minister of Care.

Ministers of Care relate to a wide variety of people in many different settings. They are good listeners, maintain patient privacy and are able to assess and respond to the needs of others.

Ministers of Care are commissioned by the Archdiocese of Chicago to visit and take Holy Communion to the sick and homebound in hospitals, nursing homes and in the parishioner’s homes. 

Contact Dolores Mielzynski, Minister of Care Director, at 847-956-7020 or

Ministry Of Praise

This is a spiritual ministry in which the members offer prayers to God for the salvation of souls. Anyone can be part of this Ministry. We especially encourage the homebound and all senior members of our parish to join because this Ministry allows them to feel more closely connected to the Parish. 

As a Minister of Praise, you will be sent a letter six times a year that contains suggestions for prayers and prayer intentions. As a member, you will continue to say the same prayers you are comfortable saying, you will also be part of St. Zachary’s Ministry of Praise Community praying for the needs of our parishioners and of the people around the world.

To join, please complete the form below. You can also contact Dolores Mielzynski at the Parish Office, 847-956-7020, for further information.

Neighbor Helping Neighbor

Our goal is to provide transportation for those parishioners in need: going to Mass, doctor appointments, hairdressers/barbers or shopping.

If you need help, contact Darlene Slater at or call the Parish Office at 847-956-7020.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Prayer Shawl Ministry members use their creative talents to crochet or knit beautiful prayer shawls and lap blankets, from yarn that has been donated, to provide comfort to anyone with a serious illness, life trauma or just because they are in need of comfort. Each recipient receives a written prayer with their shawl. When using the shawl, the person can experience a sacred place where he or she can be with God.

Contact Dolores Mielzynski at the Parish Office, 847-956-7020, if you or your loved one would like to receive a prayer shawl or lap blanket.  If you would like to join this ministry, contact Carmen Buckley at the Parish Office.

Quilting Club

This group meets the first and third Tuesday of each month, in the Gathering Area of the church, from 1:00 to 3:00 PM. You will learn how to make quilts. The participants work on group and personal projects as well as enjoy a show and tell. This group also goes out for dinner a few times a year.

For more information or to join the Club, contact Shirley Klicka at the Parish Office, 847-956-7020.

Respect Life

We are the conduits linking the parish with the Archdiocese in matters related to Respect Life issues. We work with other parish ministries to promote the culture of life in our parish and assist/participate in various Archdiocesan Respect Life Programs.

We coordinate our work with the Respect Life Office’s various projects at the Vicariate and Archdiocesan levels. Typical ongoing activities include: developing Respect Life news/inserts for use in our parish bulletins; sponsoring local Respect Life activities such as Respect Life Prayer Vigils, annual Baby Showers and Baby Bottle projects; promoting grassroots Respect-Life-related legislative action – phone trees; and interacting with other Respect Life Teams in Vicariate 1, along with other special Respect Life events/activities.

Our monthly meetings are held in the Parish Office Library at 7:30 PM every second Tuesday of each month, except the month of December. 

Contact Laurence Wong at the Parish Office 847-956-7020 for more information.

Resurrection (Funeral) Choir

This choir is for ages 18 and up. The Resurrection Choir is open to anyone available to sing for funerals, which normally occur in the morning. This choir also sings for Holy Days and special occasions. The Resurrection Choir practices as needed.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Lukasz Swiatowiec at or call 847-956-7020 X332.


SPRED is a ministry that assists the developmentally and intellectually challenged to understand God’s message of Love and Life. There is much joy for everyone who participates. Our two groups that meet on Monday or Tuesday evening at 7:00 PM are for older adults 22 and over. If you know of an intellectually challenged adult or a child needing Religious Education, please contact us. We have a list of local parishes that host children, ages 6-21.

It is very rewarding for all who help facilitate this ministry. 

If you would like to participate as a Catechist, contact Norma Di Silvio at  847-207-7818. 

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul

The “Core Members” of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul meet the first Monday of each month. One can be an “Associate Member” of the Society by helping at any of our events. The Society provides food baskets at Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas; assists residents at Presence Resurrection Nursing Home; collects food from area stores and distributes them to shelters daily; assists with Meals on Wheels and runs Bundle Weekends and Sack Dinner Collections. The Vincentians also prepare sandwiches the first Saturday and the second Friday of each month. With the support, help and generosity of our parishioners, we serve those of our community who are in need.

If you need assistance or would like to join the Vincentians at St. Zachary, contact Peggy Smidowicz at the Parish Office, 847-956-7020. or her email: psmido@comcast. net.

Wedding Coordinator

A wedding coordinator helps the engaged couple with their wedding at St. Zachary. They help coordinate the rehearsal and are present at the church before, during and after the wedding.

Welcome Committee

This committee welcomes and registers new parishioners, informs them of various ministries and organizations within the parish and answers any questions they may have.

This committee is available the first Sunday of each month, following the 10:45 AM Mass in the Gathering Area.

Young Adult Ministry

Northwest (YAM-NW) is a regional ministry within the Northwest Suburbs, serving young adults in their 20’s and 30’s. Monthly social events, a variety of faith programs, sports activities and volunteer opportunities bring young adults who are interested in their faith together for fellowship and faith enrichment.

For more information, contact Kathy Leisten or Bryan Fong at


St. Zachary ushers greet the parishioners as they enter the church, take the collections and arrange for someone to present the gifts. They assist in finding seats as required, directing the flow of people receiving communion and hand out weekly bulletins as the parishioners leave the church. Men and women, of high school age or older, are welcomed to join this ministry.