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      Welcome to St. Zachary’s Faith Formation Program!  

~Enriching the lives of the youth through the Catholic Faith~


Our Mission

The Faith Formation Program at St. Zachary Parish is committed to welcoming and serving all children by deepening their Christian faith and identity through initiation rites, instruction, and formation in an age-appropriate setting. We support and enhance the efforts of parents and guardians who want to share their faith with their children. We are committed to proclaiming the mysteries of faith, fostering a community, and serving others.

Faith Formation Classes Grades 1-8

The St. Zachary Faith Formation Program is based on the reality that parents must be the primary religious influence in their child/children’s lives. Therefore, the program’s success relies on whether each child has a relationship with the church beyond the classroom and whether the values being instilled in them are being reinforced at home.

We describe our approach to teaching our children as holistic as we incorporate different teaching methods, including prayers, liturgies, appropriate arts & crafts, music, and service opportunities, which all play an integral part in our program. Knowledge is important but not enough: children must be able to integrate what they have learned. We aim to help children develop their relationship with God and live out their discipleship

What We Offer

  • Retreats
  • Sacraments
  • Holiday Events
  • Service Opportunities
  • Program Reconciliation
  • Dedicated masses to each grade level throughout the school year
  • Living Nativity & Stations of the Cross Live Performances
  • Social Justice Projects (Phil’s Friends, FMSC, giving to the homeless, Kenya project)
  • Guest Speakers


Students and their families are invited to attend weekly Mass. Celebrating the Eucharist strengthens our bonds with each other and God and, in turn, increases the unity and effectiveness of our Parish. Once a month, the Faith Formation Program will host a Family Mass at the 9 am Mass. Also, during the 9 am Mass, Children’s Liturgy of the Word (CLW) is offered for young children. 


Contact the Faith Formation Office

Marta Robak – Director of the Faith Formation Program – mrobak@saintzachary.org

Angela Geraci – Assistant to the Director of Faith Formation- ageraci@saintzachary.org

Faith Formation Office Phone Number – 847-956-1175

We moved parishes this year, and one of the big things I wanted for our kids in our new parish was a good religious education program. St. Zachary has it! They really try to get everyone involved and offer many different engaging opportunities for students and families. 

Religious Education Family

The REP at St. Zachary is one of the best! We appreciate the open communication and the many events offered throughout the year. 

Religious Education Family

My kids have enjoyed going to their religion classes. We are grateful for all the teachers and the new director.

Religious Education Family

Very good Religious Education Program. Thank you so much. Dziekuje pani! God bless you!

Religious Education Family

Marta Robak has been a great REFRESH!! We hope she remains as director as we can’t wait to see how she evolves this program even more.

Religious Education Family

Saint Zachary Parish